Ethan is a fictional character, based on the real-life friend of nixodemus1, and is a main character in TWTWE. He is a male, teenage, American who lives in North Carolina. He wears glasses, and is usually seen wearing a koala suit. He loves koalas.

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Ethan makes his first appearance on page 6, 10 minutes before the eclipse. He is with Ryan and Ben waiting for Nick to show up so they can watch the eclipse together. Ryan is wondering out loud where Nick is, and Ben tells her to call him and ask. After their conversation, Ryan comes back and they look out the window at the eclipse as the universe clock begins to chime.

After the others have their visions, we see Ethan standing alone. He assesses the situation and determines that someone will have to pay for his waffles, which are now cold. He organizes his inventory, and takes a club as his weapon. He sees the school cop shooting Hell-Spawn. As the cop runs away, he takes the car and drives through the school, up into the teacher's lounge. There, he discovers The Closet, and collects his beloved Koala suit. He drives out of the second story window of the school and it explodes behind him. He then sees Nick, and drives over to him.

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He loves koalas.

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He loves koalas.

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  • Club: A club. Accurate, sophisticated, classy, and non-primitive. Just like himself. So elegantly dressed and ancient, yet at its core, still a brutal tool of mindless warfare. Kinda like politics.
  • He loves koalas

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The Way The World Ends

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