Jen Selvan is a fictional character, based on the real-life friend of nixodemus1, and is a main character in TWTWE. She is a female, teenage, American who lives in North Carolina. She is the Goddess of Time.

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Jen makes her first appearance on page 9, 10 minutes before the eclipse. She is with Nora, John-Alex, Fernando, Chenggian, Amandy, and Jackie Chan. They are looking out the window at the eclipse as the universe clock begins to chime.

At 12/12/12 12:12.12 PM she has a vision of the future. When she wakes up she sees a Hell-Spawn and fights it using two squares.

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Powers and Abilities: Edit

  • Starfall: She has the power to control stars.
  • Time Manipulation: She can move the timeline she is currently in forward and backward relative to the other timelines.

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  • Carpenter's Square

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The Way The World Ends

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