Ryan Winstead is a fictional character, based on the real-life friend of nixodemus1, and is a main character in TWTWE. She is a female, teenage, American who lives in North Carolina. She is Nick's sister and also wears glasses.

Biography Edit

Ryan makes her first appearance on page 6, 10 minutes before the eclipse. He is with Ethan and Ben waiting for Nick to show up so they can watch the eclipse together. Ryan is wondering out loud where Nick is, and Ben tells her to call him and ask. After their conversation, Ryan comes back and they look out the window at the eclipse as the universe clock begins to chime.

The next time Ryan is seen is when Ethan almost hits her with the cop car.

Digital art of Ryan as she appears in book 2.

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She has ADHD.

Powers and Abilities: Edit

Lol, none.

Equipment: Edit

  • Brass Knuckles

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The Way The World Ends

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