The Way The World Ends or TWTWE for short, is a fictional manga created, illustrated, and written by nixodemus1. It is a 3-part story about a group of friends and their struggle to save the world. It is available to read for free online at

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The Way The World Ends was created by artist and storywriter, nixodemus1, sometime during Spring of 2013 during high school. The website was created in August of the same year, and the comic was made publicly available for the first time.[1] Updates were made available off and on during the year. The first part of the 2nd book was uploaded in November of 2013.[2] The last update was made in October of 2014,[3] though friends of nixodemus1 know that he has been working and have confirmed that book 3 is on its way.

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Nixodemus1's blog

Offical TWTWE website and blog

Nixodemus1's friend, Russ3407